Cajsa Siik (SE)

December 11, 2012

Cajsa Siik was born in a small fishing village outside the town of Umeå in Sweden’s north. Here she ventured on her musical path which has lead her to Stockholm, her new hometown.
Besides writing her own music, Cajsa Siik’s vocals and cello playing have been a feature for acts including Birgit Bidder, Montt Mardié, Amanda King (AUS) and Jörgen Kjellgren (Oh Laura).

In spring 2010 Cajsa Siik left Stockholm for the heart of Sevilla where she rented a quiet room above a flamenco bar. She locked herself in to write. Two months later she returned to Sweden with the makings of a hauntingly beautiful and honest album titled Plastic House.

Produced by Cajsa Siik and Henrik Åström, this fall (2012) marks the release of Plastic House which has been brought to its completion by Andreas Dahlbäck (Anna Ternheim, Tomas Andersson Wji).

In June 2011, French film maker Valerie Toumayan recorded live clips of Cajsa Siik for her website “I Love Sweden“. The site also showcases Swedish artists making a name for themselves such as Ane Brun, Dungen and Britta Persson.

In july 2012 Cajsa Siik was chosen as the opening act for Joan As Police Woman in Stockholm!

The 31:st of August Cajsa Siik releases her first single “Was I supposed to” from her upcoming album “Plastic House”.



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